International Gymnastics Gym focuses on success and personal self-actualization of its members.


Classes include kids of different age groups, starting with very young and up to high school age.


The gym is 16000 sq. ft. and is perfect for any kind of tasks, including training, trampoline, competitions, and even birthday parties.


The owner, establisher, and the head coach of International Gymnastics Gym, Nataliya Kuchinskaya, has 5 years of training in the Physical Education University and 50 years of experience in Gymnastics, starting from her childhood, leading to Olympics and even today.  


Nataliya Kuchinskaya



East Bloc Tournament of Friendship: 1st, all around.


USSR National Championships: 1st all-around.


World Championships, Dortmund, Germany, September: 2nd, all-round; 3rd, vault; 1st, .bars, beam, floor.


European Championship, Amsterdam, May: 9th, all-round; 5th, vault; 2nd, beam; 2nd, floor.


Spartakiade, Moscow, July (USSR National Championships): 1st, all-round.


Mexico, pre-Olympic Tournament, October: 1st, all-round.


USSR National Championship: 1st, all-round.


Olympics, Mexico, October: 3rd, all-round: 1st, beam.


Winner of 10 Olympic and world championship medals, Russia's Nataliya Kuchinskaya gained lasting fame for her combination of elegance, charm and originality.

Born March 12, 1949, in St. Petersburg, Kuchinskaya hoped to become a ballet dancer. Her parents, who worked as gymnastics coaches, instead encouraged her to train as a gymnast.

Kuchinskaya earned instant worldwide acclaim at the 1966 World Championships in Dortmund, Germany. Although she placed second all-around to Czech great Vera Caslasvka, Kuchinskaya dominated the individual-event finals - winning gold medals on uneven bars, balance beam and floor exercise.








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